How to write a website launch press release

Be sure to mention the name of your app or your company in the headline. Just start writing and following this step-by-step and see what you end up with.

Most press releases are just spray and pray. So if you want to announce your new website redesign to your email list, ask yourself: That's not what you want, right.

For example, a company might write a press release after releasing a new product, to share the results of a quarterly earnings report or to announce that a new CEO has been hired.

Send similar message in email.

Website Launch Press Release

Want me to write about something I haven't thought of yet. The Chicago mother has worked in the industry as a fitness trainer and advisor for 15 years and studied at the Royal School for Fitness.

Press Release Template Elements

Do you have a product that solves a very specific problem. See my new webpage about trauma counseling here: Clearly tell your audience what you want them to do, and make it easy for them to do it.

So we have a bit of controversy, we have a trend and we could even pull in some celebrity elements here with Jessica Simpson and Kourtney Kardashian getting back to their pre-baby bodies quickly.

Write about the website redesign process Go meta, and write about your experience as a small business owner undertaking a web redesign.

These are great for bite-sized articles.

3 Examples Of Art Press Releases That Get Attention

For that reason, you should restrain yourself from sending a broadcast to your entire email list with a subject line like, "Check out our new website. Journalists will edit the title to suit their story anyway. While press releases are generally sent to members of the news media, they can also be useful ways to communicate company news to other stakeholders, including employees, customers and stockholders.

Your calls to action might be something like: We can do it for you. Stick to the Facts. This is a short piece that explains your business. As a project creator, often times your passion overtakes and blinds your own vision when it comes to attracting others outside of your direct circle of influence.

Include quotes from company leaders if appropriate, as well as any hyperlinks, photos, videos, charts and other visuals that might be helpful for understanding the announcement. More information can be found at: Each section of the book launch press release template offers an explanation of the type of content or information you should include.

So make sure your template is the correct one for the country you are circulating your press release in.

Website Launch Press Release Sample

The site offers practical information and training on using online Press Releases for marketing small and medium-size businesses and a rich library of Press Release templates for different occasions.

Put yourself in the shoes of the journalist and the reader. How to Write a Press Release. Make your headline irresistible.

Convey the news’s value to the press. where, and how of your new launch, update, or development. release opens with a large feature image of one of its vehicles in the same vibrant green that covers the business’s website. The press release also begins with three helpful. Write the first two (short) paragraphs of a press release, giving a good summary of the event but leaving out excessive detail.

Write about words and include a local place name. How to promote a new website launch in a way that people actually care.

Katherine Raz. April 15, How to promote a new website launch in a way that people actually care. Katherine Raz. April 15, Write about the website redesign process. To help you out with your first or next press release, we spoke with several media experts in New York and Los Angeles, and gathered 10 tips from them on how to write a superb press release.

Press Releases

1 / 1. Once you’re ready to launch, don’t forget to check out eReleases, our recommended press release service for small businesses. eReleases distribute to 5, media outlets, including the Associated Press, PR Newswire, and their own network of journalists and bloggers. Just choose a press release template and download it.

Open it in Word (or another program that can display the DOC format), edit it, and print your personalized press release. The $19 version contains all of the press release templates from this site.

How to write a website launch press release
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